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I refuse to present a weak, fictional story

I tried to take advantage of technology in my work, and I presented the movie “From Invasion to Liberation” through artificial intelligence technology in conjunction with the 33rd anniversary of the Iraqi invasion of the State of Kuwait, and the film monitors important events in the history of the region, as I monitored the conditions that the region experienced before the events of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait The film also uniquely explains the stage before the brutal Iraqi invasion and similar events, through the invasion, and all the way to the liberation of Kuwait and construction, and here I want to emphasize that Kuwait TV was famous for its uniqueness and precedence, and since its inception it also had the lead in producing the film through artificial intelligence. He pointed out that this technology combines several elements,

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Al-Nouri presented the course “The Silent Language: Skills in Body Language for Communication”

The course is an exciting journey with body language to develop communication skills, whether you are a media professional, a professional, or in your personal life. He pointed out that one of the outcomes of the course is to help you build positive relationships, professional successes, and effective communication. He explained that “the silent language is a language around the clock. It is said that speech is used only 7% for communication, and 93% for body language, tone of voice, and manner of dealing.

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Al-Nouri is a lecturer on body language in communication..

Al-Nouri explained that the power of social networking sites has become a reality that everyone knows, and a part of our lives. More importantly, it has become necessary to achieve our goals, and crucial to our access to unique opportunities, which makes our electronic presence through it need more effectiveness and distinction.

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Experienced Director with a Passion for Television and Cinema

Hamad Al Nouri, an experienced director with a passion for television and cinema, has showcased his expertise in presenting exceptional programs and coverages. His directing skills have been demonstrated across a wide range of successful productions, including documentaries, series, and films. Hamad’s work has garnered acclaim from critics and multiple awards at prestigious international festivals. Thanks to his exceptional talent and dedication, he continues to make significant contributions to this industry.

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Taking Us on a Journey Through Time to Perpetuate the Resilience of Kuwaiti People

On the commemoration of the heinous invasion day on August 2nd, Director Hamad Al Nouri took us on a journey through time to narrate the story of liberation and immortalize the resilience of Kuwaiti people. However, this was done in a unique style that is the first of its kind on Gulf television screens. He presented a short film, three minutes in length, using artificial intelligence.

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The interest in art and creativity is an interest of showing the Kuwait’s image in front of the world, which art reflects with its soft forces

Director Hamad Al-Nouri expressed his hope that the new era of His Highness Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad will witness the emergence of new visions that keep pace with the times and technological development in technical equipment, photography techniques, and technical and directing support devices to achieve an honorable Kuwaiti artistic and media image.
Al-Nouri stressed that the return of the golden age of Kuwaiti drama and media is the wish of all workers in this sector, as well as the public who resented the decline in the level of Kuwaiti drama in recent years and refrained from watching television strongly in a clear victory for digital platforms and social networking sites, despite their modernity.
He stated that the intellectual awakening and cultural renaissance will support Kuwait’s emergence in the media scene again, with an Arab and Islamic identity and with national efforts and cadres that lack only support and good planning to benefit from its great capabilities and potentials.
He pointed to the need to bring about a radical, comprehensive and serious change to the administrative systems and laws that impede the process of artistic work within the corridors of the Ministry of Information, and to get rid of laws that restrict freedom of thought and artistic creativity, and to replace them with live and flexible laws that serve the young scene and provide young generations with equal opportunities, such as those obtained by the adult generation. .
Al-Nouri said that the interest in art and creativity is an interest in Kuwait’s image in front of the world, which art reflects with its soft forces, and this comes with ideas from outside the box to keep pace with the tremendous development in artistic photography technology.

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Al-Nouri: When we take a text from Egypt or Syria… it needs to be rewritten

Director Hamad Al-Nouri believes that he is looking for the reason for the Kuwaitization of Arabic texts, and when we resort to the process of Kuwaitization of texts from abroad, “I expect for two reasons, the first is the material value of the text (low), and the second is that there is no depth in local texts. If the goal is to search for low value, then this means that we want to present a business, and we thought about the material more than the content of the series and the topics it presents.
But if we really do not have depth in the content of the texts, then in my opinion, each country differs in the nature of its social life, its problems, and the way its issues are addressed from the other.
He added, “Therefore, when (we take) a text from Egypt, Syria, or any Arab country, it does not only need a dramatic treatment, but rather needs to be rewritten. Does the work deal with it?”
And he added, “There are issues that do not fit Kuwaiti society. If they are not quantitated correctly, the work will be far from the viewer and he will not feel that it is from our reality and may offend our customs and traditions, knowing that the Kuwaitiization of texts is not an event today, but a very old event, and there are many texts that have been Kuwaitised.” without mentioning names) but it was properly processed which made the work fit our identity.”

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Hamad Al-Nouri wishes a speedy recovery for the artist Ahmed Gohar

Director Hamad Al-Nouri wished a speedy recovery to the artist Ahmed Gohar, and this came through his official account on the Twitter micro-blogging site. Your affliction, Lord, may God be patient, your family and your loved ones, and you will return to us Salem and say that nothing will happen to us except what God has written for us. It is reported that the artist Ahmed Jawhar was exposed to a health problem, after which he was transferred to the intensive care unit in a hospital in Kuwait after suffering a stroke and collecting water on the lung.

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Hamad Al-Nouri praised the great role played by the “media” in confronting the “Corona” crisis

Kuwaiti director Hamad Al-Nouri praised the great role played by the Ministry of Information in confronting the emerging crisis of the Corona virus, and harnessing all capabilities and approving programs to transmit all the necessary information and official statements and the efforts made in this direction.
And he added: The story of “The Days of Mercy” is not one of the usual stories, and through it we will learn about important periods, exams and successes of the people of Kuwait with their different sects before the constitution and petroleum, and situations drawn in the history of registered championships. Facing any crisis we are exposed to, pointing out that the series is attended by about 30 Gulf stars, and special songs have been produced for him.

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Jassim Al-Nabhan performed a catheterization operation.. Al-Nouri: “A thousand thanks be to God for your safety. Ten lifetimes, Botalal..”

The artist Jassim Al-Nabhan underwent a successful heart catheterization operation in a hospital. And social networking sites circulated a picture of Al-Nabhan lying on a bed inside the hospital, wearing a mask
His daughter, Hessa, commented to her followers on “Twitter”, and said: “My father’s heart is fine, and thank you, my beloved, who asked.” Director Abdullah Al-Salman commented: “We wish a speedy recovery to brother and artist Jassem Al-Nabhan, who underwent a catheterization operation.” Director Hamad Al-Nouri wished him a recovery: “A thousand thanks to God for your safety. Ten lifetimes, Botalal, and the history of God preserves you.”

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Al-Nouri: Unfortunately, the lights turn a lot in the artistic community to those who do not deserve under the pressure of a certain influence.

I always strive to be far from envy and gossip, and I wish the rest all success, as long as the path is to reach a brighter vision in the elevation of the name of Kuwait on the technical level and the sophistication of what we present to the outside world.
Hamad Al-Nouri continued to work his way as a young Kuwaiti director with the ambition to reach the world with his local spirit, as he finally finished the series “The Days Continue” for the Peace Group, which is currently shown on the “Abu Dhabi” channel, and is also preparing to shoot the series “A Tear of Sadness No” with the director. The Bahraini, Mohammed Al-Qaffas, will tackle an Egyptian movie in a new experience. «alanba» met Al-Nouri to learn from him new details, his ambitions and his opinion on many issues

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Al-Nouri: Some actors distorted the image of society by participating in weak works that negatively affect the viewer

The young director Hamad Al-Nouri continued his career as a director steadily. “Al-Anbaa” chatted with Al-Nouri about his newness and ambitions and the reason for his avoiding filming advertisements. He said: A short while ago, I finished filming and editing a comedy series “Jaltham” produced by MBC Middle East TV, starring Haya Al-Shuaibi, Intisar Al-Sharrah, Shehab Hajieh, Shahd, Yasa, Muhammad Jaber and Shamaa. Muhammad and others are among the stars of the Gulf comedy, and I am currently developing the drama and preparing for a Kuwaiti heritage series that will be among my surprises to the audience.