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The latest online interviews conducted by the channels about the work of director Hamad Youssef Al-Nouri

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Interview with Atv kw

How do you transfer your culture to the world when you are competing with your surroundings?!
The work “Bait Al-Maqdis” I worked on for 4 years
Documentary work is a visual document

Radio Interview with Director Hamad Al-Nouri

a radio interview with the director Hamad Youssef .. presented by Abdullah Boukamaz & Asma Issa on Kuwait State Radio by Fox, and a phone call from the artist Abdul Aziz al-Haddad. And talka every thing from childhood to the media industry.

Director Hamad Yousef Al-Nouri’s Intervention in The Program (with you) on the return of Kuwaiti drama after the Corona pandemic

Nouri talks about the corona pandemic and Gulf drama and how to face Krona and do health precautions and how to deal, and also talked about its impact on the drama and the positive aspects of Krona.

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One of the followers was influenced by the series Rahia Al-Ayyam and the depth of integration

From behind the scenes of the series Raha Al-Ayyam from the coverage of the Council channel

Gargasha and Assistant al-Mutairi and their admiration for the directing of Hamad al-Nouri

Qarasha X Assistant Al mutairi in live Instagram and talk about the series Gargasha

Director Hamad Al Nouri accommodate the entire team and meant to us

Journalist Abdul Rahman Al-Salhi and talk about his experience with director Hamad al-Nouri

A Call from My Phone from The Other Program to Barakat Al-Waqan and Iman Najm

a phone call to director Hamad al-Nouri from the program (from the other) from the presentation of the media dr. Barakat Al-Wakyan and the media Iman Najm and talk about the series Rahi al-Ayyam a day before the date of the show,
Start calling from 1:00 a.m. to 1:09 p.m., interesting talk

Meet Mashari Al-Balam and Ahmed Bin Hussein in the program “Kuwait Nights” about the series Rahia Al-Ayyam

Meet Mashari Al-Balam and Ahmed bin Hussein in the program (Kuwait Nights) about the series Rahia al-Ayyam, a call from the artist Of The Almighty Abdul Imam Abdullah, and a number of opinions from the audience

Rahi Al-Ayyam series and behind the scenes with A. Hamad Al-Nouri

Meet via live Instagram via the platform Of Dar Suad the Internationally. From offering a safe career and talking about something by amina al-mahana

Ahmed Bin Hussein performs the character “Aziz” on the air

tells the story of Ahmed bin Hussein and how to perform the Qassimi dialect with the presence of director Hamad al-Nouri, who corrected him, and the able artist Jassim al-Nabhan

Ahmed Bin Hussein: Saudi Audience Loved Me from My Role in Raha Al-Ayyam

Artist Ahmed Bin Hussein: The audience of #السعودية loved me from my role in Raha al-Ayyam. This is my message to them in the dialect “Qassimia”, through the program “Asef program on atv channel, presenting a distinguished group of media professionals