Winners of “Flame 2020”: Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Ahmed Bin Hussein, “Rahha Al-Ayam”

As for the child Ahmed bin Hussein, who won the “Best Actor in a Supporting Role” award for the series “Raha Al-Ayam,” he said: “My winning of the Best Supporting Actor award in the “Flight of the News” award made me very happy, especially as it is a well-known award and everyone is striving to win it, and I am I am happy that my name is among the great names in the local and Gulf art scene, and this in itself is another award.
All thanks to Al-Anbaa’s efforts in supporting the drama, and thanks to the family of the series “Raha Al-Ayam” by the able author Mashari Al-Amiri and director Hamad Al-Nouri for their efforts with me.

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