The scenes of “Al-Malafea’” are realistic and contain something new

The series, despite the obstacles it encountered, came out to light with the efforts of its workers and addressed all ages, young and old, women and men through a wonderful story written by Sheikh Salman Al-Daoud Al-Sabah and the body of its characters is a group of stars who created and directed their energies to entertain the audience in the holy month, including Abdul Rahman Al-Aql and Muhammad Al-Ajimi Zahra Arafat, Mashari Al-Balam, Badr Al-Shuaibi and others.
Al-Nouri added in a statement to Al-Anbaa: The scenes of “Al-Malafea” are realistic and contain something new, and many viewers got along with him to the point that he caused confusion for his interesting events, so we must look at the positive aspects of the work, adding: criticism is a good thing if it is constructive and corrects mistakes.
He continued: I filmed “Al-Mafa’a” with a high-resolution cinematic camera, and although we faced several obstacles in filming it, including the lack of time, as we started filming it only one month before Ramadan, but I and the work team were up to the challenge and were able to overcome this stage and bring the series to light in time. the appropriate

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