The Mighty Artist Abdulaziz Al-Haddad: The messages I received were all praise and crying because they touched feelings, and everyone agreed that creativity was in the simplicity of subtraction and directing

“The panorama was written by Ayman Al-Habil, and the acting performance in it was performed by the able artist Abdel Aziz Al-Haddad, who entertained us with his calm narrative style, and the young artist Ahmed bin Hussein participated with him, as they embodied the generation that lived the period of the invasion with all its details and the new generations that need to know their history to build on it. For a better future, director Hamad Al-Nouri presented them in a wonderful picture with a documentary vision full of feelings and feelings of unforgettable memories, situations and heroism.
The panorama included the song “Ya Watan”, the words of the poet Ahmed Al-Sharqawi, the singing of Ahmed Al-Huraibi, the composition and distribution of Jassem Al-Khalaf, whose beginning says: “Between hope and despair and the world is darkness and other…the sun has fallen on us with light and liberation… Oh, a memory we lived through, its good and its bad, we never forget it and live its memory”.

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