The interest in art and creativity is an interest of showing the Kuwait’s image in front of the world, which art reflects with its soft forces

Director Hamad Al-Nouri expressed his hope that the new era of His Highness Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad will witness the emergence of new visions that keep pace with the times and technological development in technical equipment, photography techniques, and technical and directing support devices to achieve an honorable Kuwaiti artistic and media image.
Al-Nouri stressed that the return of the golden age of Kuwaiti drama and media is the wish of all workers in this sector, as well as the public who resented the decline in the level of Kuwaiti drama in recent years and refrained from watching television strongly in a clear victory for digital platforms and social networking sites, despite their modernity.
He stated that the intellectual awakening and cultural renaissance will support Kuwait’s emergence in the media scene again, with an Arab and Islamic identity and with national efforts and cadres that lack only support and good planning to benefit from its great capabilities and potentials.
He pointed to the need to bring about a radical, comprehensive and serious change to the administrative systems and laws that impede the process of artistic work within the corridors of the Ministry of Information, and to get rid of laws that restrict freedom of thought and artistic creativity, and to replace them with live and flexible laws that serve the young scene and provide young generations with equal opportunities, such as those obtained by the adult generation. .
Al-Nouri said that the interest in art and creativity is an interest in Kuwait’s image in front of the world, which art reflects with its soft forces, and this comes with ideas from outside the box to keep pace with the tremendous development in artistic photography technology.

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