The General Coordinator revealed the honoring and participation of “Al-Malafea” in the 13th session of the festival

Director Amin Al-Dosari told Al-Anbaa that the Gulf Radio and Television Festival, which is organized by the Gulf Radio and Television Corporation, occupies a distinguished and important position within the Gulf, Arab and international artistic and media festivals. The electronic mail, the participation of private bodies and member bodies of the device, not to mention the participation and attendance of a large crowd of senior officials, producers, Gulf and Arab media professionals and artists of the Gulf and Arab countries also have a great role in participating in this huge Gulf artistic and media celebration.
Among the artworks that will be part of the competition, there are a large number of dramas and various specialized and cultural programs in the field of radio and television, and there are dramas produced by Kuwait TV, the series “Al-Malafea’,” written by Salman Al-Daoud Al-Salman, directed by Hamad Al-Nouri, and starring a group of Kuwaiti stars, including Muhammad Al-Mansour Abdul Rahman. Al-Aql Mashari Al-Balam Jassim Al-Nabhan Mona Shaddad and other stars and youth.

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