The documentary film “The Story of Doran” won an appreciation award, and it is a different work in terms of content and photography

The young Kuwaiti director Hamad Al-Nouri expressed his happiness with the success of his television program “The Splendor of Creation” on Channel One of Kuwait TV and the “Valley of Children” program on the children’s channel. In the previous and current sessions, it is a “Trend” on social networking sites, where it is widely praised by the audience who is constantly waiting for episodes because of the useful and new information it contains in a different manner.
About his documentary film “The Story of Duran”, which was produced by television to participate on behalf of Kuwait in international cinematic forums, Hamad Al-Nouri said: The film participated in the Arab Radio and Television Festival in Tunisia and won an award of appreciation. Adult experience, and the film is directed by me, director of Nouf Al-Zamil outlet, and prepared by Saleh Al-Rahmi.

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