Success exceeded expectations, and I touched people’s satisfaction with work, as the first ranks were issued

Director Hamad Al-Nouri is experiencing a state of euphoria after the success of the Al-Malava series, in which he participated in the current drama season. And by feeling the audience’s reaction, Al-Nouri realized the audience’s interaction with the work. The young director spoke about his experience in an artistic chat, during which he revealed his newness.
Hamad expressed his happiness with the reactions about the series “Al-Mafa’a” and said, “The success exceeded expectations, and I felt people’s satisfaction with the work, as it ranked first with Abu Millions for the star Abdul Hussein Abdul-Ridha, and there is no doubt that the effort expended in Al-Manafaa, the volume of production, etc., was credited with what we have achieved, where the work began the door wide open to a new style

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