“Rahia al-Ayyam”.. Unique work and bigger than the word competition

his new heritage series «Rahi al-Ayyam» and will it be shown in the next Ramadan or not? Al-Nouri replied: It will be shown, God willing, on Kuwait TV, where we finished all its stages in record time before the appearance of “Corona”, pointing out that the satellite screens in Ramadan this year will be full of outstanding work, not as some promote that it will be affected by the current epidemic crisis, He went on: There are a few dramas that have been affected because filming began late, and in return there are many works that started early, and we are among them, and accomplished to the fullest.
He added: The story of “Rahia al-Ayyam” is not one of the usual stories, and through it we will learn about important periods and exams and the successes of the people of Kuwait in their different spectrums before the constitution and oil, and positions painted in the history of recorded championships, we are now in dire need to review the glories and struggle and unite the Gulf to be a beacon in the face of any crisis we are exposed to, pointing out that the series participates in about 30 Gulf stars and produced special songs for him

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