“Rahia al-Ayyam”.. Real stories that have influenced the course of history

As part of his continuous efforts to leave his own imprint, especially in the field of drama, the young Kuwaiti director Hamad al-Nouri is confronted to lead the series “Rahi al-Ayyam”, written by Mashari Hammoud al-Amiri, and produced by Kuwait TV, al-Nouri said: The work is heritage and includes interesting events, it deals with an important period of time in the history of Kuwait, highlighting human relations, customs, traditions and the interdependence between families, parents and neighbors in that period, realizing: for the first time in the history of Gulf drama, a series dealing with the four most important periods of time in the history of the region is presented from 4 centuries ago, up to the 1960s, including real-life characters and stories that influenced the course of history. He pointed out that the team all endured the volatile climate during filming, and thanked them, praising their professionalism in embodying their roles accurately and perfectly to show the work in the satisfactory image of the viewers, and thanked the officials of the Ministry of Information for encouraging and supporting such works that introduce new generations to the customs and traditions of fathers and grandfathers, hoping that the series will win the admiration of all those who watch it on Kuwait TV.

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