“Raha Al-Ayyam” is a unique heritage… and it sings outside the usual flock

The series “Raha Al-Ayam”, which will be shown within the Ramadan drama package, “is of the unique heritage type in the presentation of stories, and it tweets outside the usual flock of era works”.
In a statement to Al-Rai, he revealed the details of the work, explaining that it deals with 12 historical events, especially the migrations or “jalwat” to Kuwait, starting in 1907, all the way to before the appearance of oil in 1961, noting at the same time that it reviews As well as the periods of trade growth and expansion until its prosperity and development, in addition to the construction period of the Third Wall during the year 1920 and its demolition in 1957, in addition to many other events that took place in Kuwait during the first half of the last century.
He went on to say: “Al-Najada’s migration to Kuwait during the year 1907 is one of the dramatic lines and events that punctuate the work out of 12 events, and there are different stories related to the struggle and defying the difficulties in those eras. We have worked to draw a dramatic picture with a high sense of this diversity and social mixture and the multiplicity of groups and dialects under the banner of the homeland and the love of Kuwait, and the solidarity and cohesion of the Kuwaiti people in crises, and we are in dire need today of such unique topics and theses.” He explained that the series will be broadcast on the Ramadan screen via Al-Majlis channel and Kuwait TV, referring to negotiations that are currently taking place to show it also on Dubai and Abu Dhabi channels, “but the matter is still in the process of negotiation”.

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