“Raha Al-Ayyam” .. achieves a record

The series “Raha Al-Ayyam” achieved an achievement that no heritage work had done before, represented in filming it in a record period, this was confirmed by its director Hamad Al-Nouri, who told Al-Anbaa: The work is unique in terms of the multiplicity of time periods and the diversity of its kind. Characters and realism, using three professional cameras, various lenses, new lighting techniques and the latest audio equipment, to high quality standards.
Al-Nouri added: The end of filming at this rapid time that has not happened before is a strong evidence of the management and the spirit of cooperation between the wonderful work team, to whom I thank them for their struggle, determination and sacrifices to reach this unique achievement in the history of Gulf drama, pointing out that the events of the series take place between Kuwait And Saudi Arabia, and Najada’s migration to Kuwait

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