“Raha Al-Ayam” The series goes to a new area on the drama

The series goes to a new area on local and Gulf drama through a story written by the writer Mashari Al-Amiri, directed by Hamad Al-Nouri, where the work deals with four periods of time in the history of the Gulf, for the first time, and the action championship is addressed by an elite group of stars, including Jassim Al-Nabhan, Maryam Al-Ghamdi , Nour, Mashari Al-Balam, Shaila Sabt, Majed Mutreb, Abdul Aziz Al-Sakirin, Abdul Rahman Al-Salihi, Ahmed Bin Hussein, Muhammad Al-Hamali, Abdullah Al-Khidr, Ahmed Al-Ounan, and Muhammad Al-Serafy. The work is directed by Hamad Al-Nouri

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