“Raha Al-Ayam” is the trend of Ramadan without competition

Distinguished director Hamad Al-Nouri’s adoption of a new technique that ensures the viewer’s connection to the work through continuous surprises and the disappearance of the artists and their reappearance in a tight dramatic context that achieves excitement and suspense, including the personality of the artist Mohamed Al-Serafi, who was absent from work in a way that drew the attention of the audience and prompted them to question the secret of his disappearance to appear in his head Again, after several episodes at a different age, he embodies two roles: Father Ruwaished and Ibn Mishaal, and the differences that occur between them, which makes the father feel that history repeats itself and that his son commits the same mistakes in childhood and “as you condemn.”
Will Al-Nouri repeat this technique again, especially with the character of the child Ahmed, who saddened the viewers for his leaving the scene and demanded his return in the last episodes, as they demanded for a second part of the work that opened their appetite for heritage works of no less quality than this level, and will the end open room for a new part .. Perhaps the episodes will carry Remaining more surprises.

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