“Raha Al-Ayam” .. A drama revolving around the history of Kuwait

The series takes place 200 years ago and includes interesting events, and deals with an important time period in the history of Kuwait, highlighting human relations, customs, traditions and interdependence between families, parents and neighbors in that period, and was filmed in a heritage village specially prepared for him in the “Bar Al-Sabiah” area.
Director Hamad Al-Nouri says: For the first time in the history of Gulf drama, a series is presented that deals with the four most important eras in the history of the region from 4 centuries ago, up to the sixties of the last century, including real characters and stories that influenced the course of history.
He continued, “We used three professional cameras, various lenses, new lighting technologies and the latest audio equipment, according to high quality standards. We listen to beautiful “hashtags” launched by the public, which put us in a challenge, and we consider it a responsibility on our shoulders.

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