Noor to “al-Anbaa”: “Rahha Al-Ayyam” is successful and Bin Hussein is the most important star in Ramadan in the Gulf

The star Nour is a different artist, who has a unique and distinguished presence, in addition to her ability to attract the camera with the smoothness and simplicity of the performance, and her high ability to present her scenes with great confidence, and various other aspects so that Nour remains one of the best actresses who appeared in Ramadan 2020 through two dramatic works, the first “The long days,” and the second, “Paradise of Hell.” «Al-Anbaa» phoned her and talked to her about these two works and their scenes.
Although many scenes were deleted, the work was successful and people loved it, and by the way, many works were cut from them, and I expect when the series shows a second show on any channel, it will be shown completely without deletion and will achieve double success…, and through your glue newspaper, I say that the talented child Ahmed bin Hussein is the first artist this year at the level of the Gulf, and his acting performance outperformed major artists, including me, and his talent emerged in his ability to master the Najdi dialect quickly, in addition to his movements, gestures and coexistence of the role greatly, he is a genius and for that I nominated him for more than one producer and director and author.

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