Many technicians in this field must have the skill, if the person is not qualified to take on a particular task.

“As a director, I cannot ask the work team, whether they are artists or technicians, to perform certain dangerous work without the availability of the elements that guarantee their safety, in addition to the director’s competence and experience in preventing injuries, in addition to ensuring the readiness of all equipment and not neglect”.
However, he added: “But sometimes the matter may not be free from fate, and it is possible that accidental accidents occur in any (location), even if there is no negligence or negligence on the part of anyone. This field must have the skill, so if the person is not qualified to take on a particular task, it is normal for some errors to occur on the shooting site, even without the knowledge of the producer or director”.
Al-Nouri stressed the need for security and health precautions, and the importance of filming in an appropriate atmosphere in order to avoid someone being exposed to a sunstroke during outdoor filming, “especially since we are in the summer, and as it is known that the cameras at noon do not perform their work well, which prompts the work team to make efforts Double the coordination of scenes.

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