Lajzaf to “Al-Rai”: Comic Meal Coming with… “Qarkasha 2”

News text: A few days ago, the artist Bashar Al-Jazzaf began writing the episodes of the second part of the comedy series “Qarkasha”, which he co-wrote with Faisal Al-Amiri, Musa Abdullah and Abbas Al-Yousifi, who is also directing.
Al-Jazzaf told Al-Rai: “After the first part of the comedy series Qarkasha achieved great success, and it pleased me, it gave me an incentive to present a second version of it, where I will take the lead alongside my fellow artist, who has the humor and humorous spirit, Lulwa Al-Mulla, and with the participation of elite stars in The Kuwaiti scene, according to what the story requires in each episode”.

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