Jawaher: My character in “Al-Mafifa” is the first time I embodied it on the screen

Her character in the series “Al-Mafa’a”, whose events take place in the fifties, stated that she embodies her for the first time on the screen, and she is the character of “Al-Shareja” and the injustice she feels in the stages of her daily life.
She added: “The events of my character, I do not want to reveal their details, because they carry a lot of surprise, and I leave the viewer watching them in Ramadan on Kuwait TV, especially since this work is attended by a group of artists such as Ibrahim Al-Salal, Muhammad Al-Mansour, Abdul Rahman Al-Aql, Asmahan Tawfiq, Mona Shaddad, Mashari Al-Balam and others”.

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