Jassim Al-Nabhan performed a catheterization operation.. Al-Nouri: “A thousand thanks be to God for your safety. Ten lifetimes, Botalal..”

The artist Jassim Al-Nabhan underwent a successful heart catheterization operation in a hospital. And social networking sites circulated a picture of Al-Nabhan lying on a bed inside the hospital, wearing a mask
His daughter, Hessa, commented to her followers on “Twitter”, and said: “My father’s heart is fine, and thank you, my beloved, who asked.” Director Abdullah Al-Salman commented: “We wish a speedy recovery to brother and artist Jassem Al-Nabhan, who underwent a catheterization operation.” Director Hamad Al-Nouri wished him a recovery: “A thousand thanks to God for your safety. Ten lifetimes, Botalal, and the history of God preserves you.”

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