Its events take place in four periods of time.. “The Millennium of Days” Kuwait is a homeland for all

Completing a series on the formation of the social fabric in Kuwait is not an easy task, but director Hamad Al-Nouri and writer Mashari Al-Amiri decided to confront this task and present viewers these days with a visual document that chronicles four time periods in the history of Kuwait through the series “Raha Al-Ayam”, which is shown via Kuwait TV and Al-Majlis channel, which enjoys great viewing.
The Najd era in the series constitutes an entry point for reading it, although it is too early to take note of the work as a whole, but the directorial vision of Hamad Al-Nouri promises a lot, as we noticed the reality of the picture in that era. Professionally, which eliminated the excess emotions, focusing on the public spaces of the shots, in order to serve the spirit of that era.

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