In the video.. “Humanity.. A Journey to India” .. Charitable Message

This year marks the sixth anniversary of His Highness being named a “leader of humanitarian action” and “Kuwait a global humanitarian center.” On this occasion, Kuwait TV 9 will present the documentary “Humanity.” .. A Journey to India”, which highlights the charitable and humanitarian aspects of Kuwaitis who set His Highness the Emir as a role model for them as a leader of humanitarian work. bid. Among some of the personalities accompanying the trip: Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Azami, President of Al-Ghazali Educational Society – India, Dr. Khaled Al-Shatti.
Head of the Kuwait Center for Documentation of Humanitarian Action (Fanar), Kuwaiti Ambassador to India Jassem Al-Najem, Dr. Rafaida Al-Majdali is a member of the Inner Peace Team, Ibtihal Al-Raqam, Head of the Inner Peace Team, Ahmed Muhammad Al-Hawli, General Supervisor and Representative of Al-Ghazali Educational Association – India, Nouf Al-Mansour, member of the Inner Peace Team, Hadeel Ahmed Al-Sabti, Adviser to the President of the Islamic Charitable Organization, Dr. Abdullah Al-Maatouq, Muhammad Rashid Al-Shamry Director of the Department of Voluntary Teams at the Islamic Charitable Organization, Dr. Hanan Ahmed Al-Qattan, Supervisor of the Internal Peace Team, Dr. Osama Ahmed Al-Kandari, benefactor, and Qatari Ambassador to India Mohammed Al-Khater.
It is worth noting that the movie “Humanity..a Journey to India” was conceived, prepared, and photographed by director Hamad Al-Nouri.

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