I sided with «realism» .. Al-Nouri: busy reading texts and performances

“Success can only be achieved if you love what you are doing.” Perhaps this famous saying of the American writer Dale Carnegie, became the mouthpiece of the young director Hamad Al-Nouri, who revealed to “Al-Rai” his love and bias for realistic and unique works, in heritage and contemporary drama, which he said he preferred over other works that are usually closer to imagination. , and far from serious tragedy inspired by society.
Al-Nouri, who is experiencing these days the euphoria of success against the backdrop of the echoes of his heritage and historical series “Rahwa Al-Ayam”, explained that the current period of success necessitates a diligent search for good works for the next stages, pointing out that he is currently busy reading the texts on the one hand, and his knowledge of the producers’ offers, from On the other hand.
However, he added: “But I have not yet settled on a specific text, and I have not concluded any agreement with any party. There are a lot of works that I am trying to differentiate between them, carefully and without haste, especially since the time is still early to start implementation, for what the artistic community is witnessing.” At the present time, it is in a state of stagnation, in the face of the Corona crisis,” adding: “The issue of choosing a good text will not be an easy task at all, especially since there is a scarcity of important texts, and a dearth of distinguished writers.”

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