I am not a follower of the series in Ramadan, but “Raha Al-Ayyam” has a special status, not like other works, as it is heavy and far from being ashamed.

I am not a fan of watching series during the blessed month of Ramadan, but the series “Raha Al-Ayam” has a special status, as it is not like other works, as it is heavy, far from demeaning, and free of dialogues and scenes that harm fasting people, and I consider it a milestone in Kuwaiti dramas.
In one of his scenes, the epic of building the wall in 1920 is embodied, and I moved through time as I followed the scene, which expressed the authentic Kuwaiti terror.
Everyone was like a solid structure that strengthened each other, and all differences, disagreements, differences and paradoxes were dissolved.
Everyone turned into masons in order to achieve the goal, and they got what they wanted despite the enormity of the task and the lack of capabilities

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