I always affirm my love for traditional works, which fascinate me with their details, which exude the fragrance of our beautiful past.

Director Hamad Al-Nouri confirmed that he had a heritage series project that he intended to implement this period in preparation for its presentation next Ramadan, but due to the current health conditions, the difficulty of travel movement, security and safety measures and precautions against infection, it was postponed to Ramadan 2022, and he said: I always affirm my love for heritage works. Which fascinates me with its details that emit the fragrance of our beautiful past, and our authentic customs and traditions, and in this context I was preparing for a heritage series, but the challenges we are currently facing as a result of the spread of the Corona virus and fear for our fellow artists and “cast” work, will be postponed to next year, God willing.
Hamad continued, in a statement to Al-Anbaa: On the other hand, we have a new, primarily national idea that we seek to implement soon.

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