“Humanitarian Action Documentation Center”: “Rahha Al-Ayam” as a turning point in the Gulf drama

The Ramadan season is about to end, and the national heritage drama “Raha Al-Ayam” continues to lead the scene and occupies the forefront of social networking sites in Kuwait and the Gulf.
There is no doubt that the implementation of this huge production achieves a large volume of follow-up in all the Gulf countries as it chronicles and reveals an important aspect in the history of the region and Kuwait and the migrations coming to it from neighboring countries in the early part of the last century until the sixties.
Distinguished by the director Hamad Al-Nouri’s adoption of a new technique that ensures the viewer’s connection to the work through continuous surprises and the disappearance of the artists and their reappearance in a tight dramatic context that achieves excitement and suspense, including the personality of the artist Mohamed Al-Serafi, who was absent from work in a way that drew the attention of the audience and prompted them to question the secret of his disappearance to reappear

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