“Children of Al-Deira” with new paragraphs in November

Mama Anisa returns with a new season and a new look in her program “Children of Al-Deira,” this program that generations of Kuwaitis have been raised on for a long time, and it still takes the same space of follow-up and attention from families and officials, because it sheds light on the future generation in an atmosphere filled with it love and optimism.
In this season, whose first episodes will be launched next November, the viewer will be on a new date for “Children of Al-Deira”, as the program will include multiple and varied paragraphs than it was in the past, and Lulwa Safar, the program’s programmer, explained this, saying: There will be new paragraphs dealing with cooking and fashion, In addition to the school paragraphs prepared and presented by Mama Anisa, these paragraphs will serve as educational paragraphs that take care of all that is necessary for the children involved in this program. Anchor Lulu will participate in presenting these paragraphs, which is her first experience in television presentation.

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