“Children of Al-Deira” is followed not only locally, but also from all Arabs, where many generations have graduated

“Attention to talk is possible .. but on the ground, the issue is not,” referring to the decline in interest in this type of program despite its usefulness in educating young people and introducing them to the authentic values ​​and customs that the people of Kuwait have built upon.
And about her program “Children of Al-Deira”, stressing that it is followed not only by Kuwaitis but also by all Arabs, as many generations have graduated from it, and she continued: I will rely on those generations to demand that His Highness the Amir be given the “Nobel Peace Prize”, and I am confident that everyone will support this topic, Adding: «Children of Deira» is based on the love between us and the public, and here I commend the efforts of the entire team, who spare no effort to appear in the best image, and in a manner that suits the new generation.

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