“Battle of the Bridges,” a documentary filmed with cameras that have never been used on any television in the region

Regarding the details of his new film, Al-Nouri told Al-Anbaa: I was commissioned to implement a documentary film on the “Battle of the Bridges” and its leader, the late Major General Salem Masoud Sorour, which is considered one of the most important national military epics carried out by the Kuwaiti army in the second year. From August 1990, the filming of some scenes of the movie will be carried out with techniques and cameras equipped with modern and advanced cinematic lenses and lighting that have never been used on any television in the region, which is a qualitative transfer that is out of the ordinary and a distinct precedent for Kuwait TV.
He continued: The film is witnessing representative scenes, where the process of searching for actors to embody some roles is still ongoing, especially since the writer Dakhil Al-Nabhan addressed the task of writing the script and dialogue, and took over the task of preparing Saleh Al-Rahmi, and production management Adel Al-Fadhli.
And about the basics that he needs as a director in this type of documentaries, he explained: Most of the works that depend on the history of time periods or historical events need film materials or images that serve the material presented on the screen because it will be considered archival material, and that the “Battle of the Bridges” has been over thirty. Years ago, I was keen to present a directorial vision that would be the closest as a scene to the real battle, so the preparation and preparation phase should take place carefully according to a pre-prepared scenario.

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