«Battle of Bridges» documentary filmed with cameras that have never been used in any television in the region

And about the details of his new film, Al-Nouri told «News»: Commissioned to carry out a documentary about the “Battle of bridges” and its late leader, God willing, Major General Salem Massoud Srour, which is considered one of the most important national military epics carried out by the Kuwaiti army on August 2, 1990, The filming of some of the film’s scenes was carried out with technologies and cameras equipped with modern and sophisticated cinematic lenses and lighting that have never been used in any television in the region, which is a quality transfer out of the ordinary and a distinct precedent for Kuwait TV.
He continued: The film witnessed representative scenes, where the process of searching for actors to embody some roles, especially since the writer Dakhil al-Nabhan addressed the task of writing the script and dialogue, and took over the task of preparing Saleh al-Rahmi, and managing the production Adel Al Fadhli. On the basics he needs as a director in this type of documentary, he explained: The majority of works based on the history of time periods or historical events need film materials or images that serve the material presented on the screen because it will be considered archival material, and the fact that the “battle of bridges” has been going on for thirty years made sure to provide an output vision that is the closest scene of the real battle, so the stage of preparation and processing must be done on a novel according to a pre-prepared scenario.

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