And a creative directorial vision by Hamad Al-Nouri

The smooth performance of the artists, the simple and antique decorations, the quiet link between the events and the smooth transition from one scene to another, and the values ​​​​of respect between spouses, love between friends and tolerance between the rich and the poor, were brought back to mind for the first time in years. Excitement and suspense without tickling the feelings of viewers with clips of tears, sadness and tragedy, to provide a dose of optimism and realism in a unique way.
The child Ahmed bin Hussein has captured the public’s love since his first appearance, embodying the role of the hero of the work “Aziz Al-Najdi”, as he mastered and excelled as a veteran artist despite his age, who is only 11 years old. The audience was dazzled by the personality of Aziz, a child and a man, as if they were one person, talented from childhood, and an artist who was able to use his tools in his old age.
As for the artist Abdullah Al-Khidr, whose talent no one disagrees with, he did not rediscover himself as much as he rediscovered the character of Al-Nukhatha, the stern sea captain. He showed affection and relieving his subordinates on long sea voyages that extend for months and in which there are cruelty and fears. And he met with him in the lightness of spirit the artist Mashari Al-Balam, who embodied the character of Abdul Razzaq Al-Zubayri, that simple and ambitious person who works as a salesman in a textile store, but despite the simplicity of his condition, he is characterized by a great deal of fun and kindness, providing a model for Al-Zubayr since the beginning of their presence in Kuwait. The distinctive feature is that director Hamad Al-Nouri has adopted a new technique that ensures that the viewer is connected to the work through continuous surprises and the disappearance of artists and their reappearance in a tight dramatic context that achieves excitement and suspense.

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