Ali Al-Madfaa, my lady: I ​​deeply regret not continuing filming, and the work was very beautiful because of its connection with the filming of “Shabab Al Bomb”.

Al-Madfa told “Madam” that he participated in only two episodes of the series “Raha Al-Ayam”, which was filmed in Kuwait, saying that those in charge of the work asked him to shoot ten episodes, but he was unable to do so because of his association with the filming of “Shabab Al-Bomb.” And this is what he explained to the crew, and he filmed only two episodes, where he said that he most regretted not continuing filming, and the work was very beautiful, and he stayed four days to film the two episodes, but his association with filming “Youth Bomb” is what caused the failure to complete filming the rest. From the episodes, while “Youth Al-Bomb” was not shown this year, knowing that the “Youth Al-Bomb” episodes that were filmed were very wonderful and purposeful, but fates decided not to show it, and Al-Madfa confirmed that he does not know the fate of the series.

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