“Al-Samman” is a Kuwaiti-Egyptian cinematic collaboration in the manner of “Al Farah” and “Cabaret”

Producer Ammar Hashem Al-Moussawi confirmed that the idea of ​​​​producing a movie came to him since 2008 and after studying it, he decided to go through the experience in 2011 through an Egyptian film, not a Kuwaiti one, called “Al-Samman”, especially since Egyptian films are watched and have an audience everywhere, as they are easy to market.
In his role, the able artist Ahmed Ratib confirmed that “Al-Samman” reflects the real cooperation between Arab artists, especially that every artist in it performs his role in the dialect of his country, which gives realistic events, stressing that he is against any artist embodying a starring role in a dialect other than the dialect of his country, and he said: There are personalities from In the midst of the Egyptian “mud” and from the depth of society, it is not suitable for a non-Egyptian to embody it, such as the Arabs of Sinai, the upper egyptians and others, in order to convince the viewers.

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