Al-Nouri: When we take a text from Egypt or Syria… it needs to be rewritten

Director Hamad Al-Nouri believes that he is looking for the reason for the Kuwaitization of Arabic texts, and when we resort to the process of Kuwaitization of texts from abroad, “I expect for two reasons, the first is the material value of the text (low), and the second is that there is no depth in local texts. If the goal is to search for low value, then this means that we want to present a business, and we thought about the material more than the content of the series and the topics it presents.
But if we really do not have depth in the content of the texts, then in my opinion, each country differs in the nature of its social life, its problems, and the way its issues are addressed from the other.
He added, “Therefore, when (we take) a text from Egypt, Syria, or any Arab country, it does not only need a dramatic treatment, but rather needs to be rewritten. Does the work deal with it?”
And he added, “There are issues that do not fit Kuwaiti society. If they are not quantitated correctly, the work will be far from the viewer and he will not feel that it is from our reality and may offend our customs and traditions, knowing that the Kuwaitiization of texts is not an event today, but a very old event, and there are many texts that have been Kuwaitised.” without mentioning names) but it was properly processed which made the work fit our identity.”

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