Al-Nouri: The work is very rich and I bet on it a strong competitor in the Ramadan season

Director Hamad Al-Nouri revealed the features of his new dramatic experience “Raha Al-Ayam”, which is expected to be shown during the next month of Ramadan, pointing out that the series was filmed in more than 200 locations in Kuwait. Al-Nouri said, in an interview with Al-Jarida, that the work is a very rich artistic experience that includes great challenges, and the text is strong, and no one dared to implement it despite his permission 8 years ago. He said: I do not care about the type of presence on the screen. It occupies my time and exhausts my energy, and I have received several offers during the past years to enter a dramatic work, whether in Ramadan or outside the season, but my work did not make me feel enthusiastic or provoke me as “Rhab al-Ayyam” did to me. No one dares to implement it, despite his vacation 8 years ago, all of this made me feel challenged and a desire to harness all my capabilities to get the series out in a way that befits him.

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