Al-Nouri: The Battle of the Bridges is an integrated work from a technical point of view

Al-Nouri to Al-Jarida: From my perspective, the movie “Battle of the Bridges” is an integrated work from a technical point of view, and there is no flaw. The idea is very clear and aims to shed light on the brave soldiers who defended the homeland. We spare no effort to use the latest equipment, with a desire to carry out the work to the fullest, and we saw that during filming, so the work team was doing its best, and after the scene ended, we were affected by what we accomplished, especially since the work team includes great stars, including the artist Abdul Rahman Al-Aql and Intisar Al-Sharrah , in addition to Khaled Al-Buraiki, Abdul-Mohsen Al-Qaffas, Issa Dhiab, Muhammad Ashkanani, Abdul-Aziz Mandani and others, and the task of preparing was sponsored by Saleh Al-Rahmi, while the script and dialogue were by writer Dakhil Al-Nabhan.
On the way he implemented the work, he made it clear that he was keen to mix the documentary formula, through documentary meetings, and representative scenes, to bring the picture closer and a sense of realism derived from the talk of those who lived through that battle, the details of which were written by the Kuwaiti army when they responded with unparalleled valor to the brutal occupation forces in August 1990.

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