Al-Nouri: “The Age of Days” .. Realistic stories that affected the course of history

The work is heritage and includes interesting events, and deals with an important time period in the history of Kuwait, highlighting human relations, customs, traditions and interdependence between families, parents and neighbors in that period, adding: For the first time in the history of Gulf drama, a series is presented that deals with the four most important eras In the history of the region from 4 centuries ago, right up to the sixties, including real personalities and stories that influenced the course of history.
He pointed out that the work team all endured the volatile climate during filming, and he thanked them, praising their professionalism in embodying their roles with precision and perfection, so that the work appears in a satisfactory image for viewers, and he also thanked the officials at the Ministry of Information for their encouragement and support for such works that introduce new generations to customs and traditions Parents and grandparents, hoping that the series will be admired by everyone who watches it on Kuwait TV.

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