Al-Masaeed: “After the End” is a shift in my experience

A few days ago, the team of the new TV series “After the End” finished filming the last scenes of the first season of this pioneering series of its kind in the field of Kuwaiti drama, which was broadcast globally since the beginning of last Ramadan through the “Tili” application, which is considered one of the most important International applications that provide viewers around the world with the most modern and exclusive films and televisions.
After the End is the first Kuwaiti TV series to be broadcast through this application worldwide. The series consists of three seasons, each television season consists of 12 episodes.
The young artist, Dana Al-Masaeed, said in an exclusive statement to The series “Bad Al Nihaya” represents a shift in my artistic experience in terms of the contents and values ​​that he affirms. And also the real opportunity it gives to the younger generation, which constitutes a solo presence, in addition, of course, to the adult generation of stars and artists.

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