Al-Buraiki to Al-Qabas: I am looking forward to presenting a feature film on the “Battle of the Bridges”

Al-Buraiki has finally finished filming his role in the movie “Battle of the Bridges,” which is scheduled to be shown on Kuwait TV next August 2. In his conversation with Al-Qabas, he touched on the features of that experience and gave his opinion on many technical issues that we discussed during the meeting, and here are the details.
Al-Buraiki finally finished filming his scenes in “Battle of the Bridges”, which takes place in 45 minutes, with a dramatic vision by writer Dakhil Al-Nabhan, directed by Hamad Al-Nouri, starring Abdul Rahman Al-Aql, Intisar Al-Sharrah, Khaled Al-Buraiki and many artists, and about that experience, Khaled says, “The exact description of the work is a program A documentary with some dramatic scenes, and the work deals with the famous Battle of the Bridges, which is one of the immortal battles in Kuwaiti military history. The program includes interviews with some of the leaders and soldiers who had an important role in the battle. Where the high temperature rise, but that did not prevent us from doing our duty and carrying the fidelity of presenting a picture of this great work to the public.

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