Al-Aql for Al-Qabas: “Battle of the Bridges” reviews the championships of the Kuwaiti military

Behind every tale in the love of the homeland are heroisms and epics that we may know little about, even if we contemplate its heroes, but these people look at the matter from a different angle. They are fleeting and homelands remain until God willing, so they may leave our world, and they have more stories and situations in themselves than we know, and here highlights the role of art in documenting the heroism of men who gave every price in the love of Kuwait, took their lives on their hands and confronted the invaders with skin and composure, so they deserved To perpetuate their memory with a work of art is a document passed on by generations.
In the beginning, the artist Abdul Rahman Al-Aql says, “The Battle of the Bridges,” a documentary film that sheds light on an important era in the history of Kuwait, the period of the brutal invasion, specifically the famous Battle of the Bridges, where he embodies the character of the late hero Salem Sorour, commander of the 35th Armored Brigade in that period and the important role he played With his men in response to the invaders

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