Abd al-Imam: I am a guest of honor on “Raha al-Ayam” in a new and different experience .. I am proud of this view.

The mighty artist Abdul Imam Abdullah believes that digital platforms will not compete with television in the long run. He confirmed in exclusive statements to Al-Qabas that television is more prevalent and indispensable, and he went on in the same context, “I did not follow digital platforms, my relationship with modern technology is limited and I see that Television is an essential element in every home and it is difficult to do without it.
Abdel-Emam stopped at his second dramatic participation, explaining: He was a guest of honor for the family of the series “Raha Al-Ayam” in a new and different experience, as the work goes to a previous era, the events of which were formulated by writer Meshary Al-Amiri, directed by Hamad Al-Nouri, and the participation of a group of dear colleagues, and my appearance at work. He did not go beyond the two episodes as a man seeking revenge for the murder of his brother. “I am proud of this look and wish the audience an enjoyable follow-up to the work,” he added.

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