A huge production and a creative directorial vision by Hamad Al-Nouri

“Raha Al-Ayyam” leads the scene and occupies the forefront of the trend in social networking sites in Kuwait and the Gulf, which predominated in expressing the extent of their connection to the work that penetrated decades that Gulf drama did not dare to visit before, carrying the viewer through the time machine to live an era full of feelings, events, and knowledge richness social and historical.
There is no doubt that the work of this huge production achieves a large volume of follow-up in all the Gulf countries as it chronicles and reveals an important aspect in the history of the region and Kuwait and the migrations coming to it from neighboring countries in the early last century until the sixties and how everyone melted into the crucible of Kuwait and patriotism, achieving a single fabric in adversity despite Cultural and social backgrounds and the richness and diversity they confer.
What supported the work and made it penetrate into the heart and mind of the viewer were many elements, foremost of which is the productive extravagance in the light of the creative vision of director Hamad Al-Nouri, who responded to directing the work .. taking advantage of all his experiences and directing his artistic energies, to launch his first works in an integrated manner that has all the elements of success, as well as a level A high level of visual pleasure, through lively filming locations, decorations, antique accessories, and clothes that strongly express the nature of the time period, especially among women who were keen on covering and modesty, so they did not leave their home without the bush, which confirms the conservative principles of the people of Kuwait.
In addition, the viewer was on a date with a group of Kuwaiti and Gulf stars who added to the work and added to it their experiences and their belief in its importance in raising the spirit of the citizen and his pride in his country.

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