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In the video.. “Children of Al-Deira” I wanted to make a qualitative shift in it, especially as it addresses the child

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“Children of Al-Deira” is followed not only locally, but also from all Arabs, where many generations have graduated

“Attention to talk is possible .. but on the ground, the issue is not,” referring to the decline in interest in this type of program despite its usefulness in educating young people and introducing them to the authentic values ​​and customs that the people of Kuwait have built upon.
And about her program “Children of Al-Deira”, stressing that it is followed not only by Kuwaitis but also by all Arabs, as many generations have graduated from it, and she continued: I will rely on those generations to demand that His Highness the Amir be given the “Nobel Peace Prize”, and I am confident that everyone will support this topic, Adding: «Children of Deira» is based on the love between us and the public, and here I commend the efforts of the entire team, who spare no effort to appear in the best image, and in a manner that suits the new generation.

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: The first female announcer to participate in the veteran media, Mama Anisa, in presenting the “Ayal Al-Deera” program

Lulu Abdullah is the first female anchor to participate with the veteran media, Mama Anisa, in presenting the “Children of Al-Deera” program, which is shown in the morning on the first screen of Kuwait TV on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays of every week. different and highly cultured.
Lulu did not hide her great happiness with the experience of “Eyal Al-Deera” and the participation of Mama Anisa, who has a long and pioneering experience in media work, in one program. It is suitable for me as a name, size and media history, in addition to that my participation in it was a previous ambition.

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The timing of the show on Kuwait TV is inappropriate

Mama Anisa and the famous children’s program “Ayal Al-Deira” reflect a unique state of connection that has lasted for many years, based on creativity, love, communication and benefit.
Mama Anisa continues to present “Children of Al-Deira” in its new look on Kuwait TV, Channel One, and we enjoyed her interesting and beautiful style that we all like. On Mama Anisa’s visit to the schools, it varied to suit the new generation and keep pace with the mentality of children from the age of nursery to 14 years in all respects. There is a section for cooking, a second for fashion, and another for sports, as well as for nutrition and others

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“Children of Al-Deira” with new paragraphs in November

Mama Anisa returns with a new season and a new look in her program “Children of Al-Deira,” this program that generations of Kuwaitis have been raised on for a long time, and it still takes the same space of follow-up and attention from families and officials, because it sheds light on the future generation in an atmosphere filled with it love and optimism.
In this season, whose first episodes will be launched next November, the viewer will be on a new date for “Children of Al-Deira”, as the program will include multiple and varied paragraphs than it was in the past, and Lulwa Safar, the program’s programmer, explained this, saying: There will be new paragraphs dealing with cooking and fashion, In addition to the school paragraphs prepared and presented by Mama Anisa, these paragraphs will serve as educational paragraphs that take care of all that is necessary for the children involved in this program. Anchor Lulu will participate in presenting these paragraphs, which is her first experience in television presentation.

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In the video.. “Children of Al-Deira” keeps pace with the times and presents a deep proposal

The Children of Al-Deira program caught my attention because of its historical fragrance.. This program talks about the child and the child means a lot to us. The child is the future. The child is life, and he is the generation that we will see in the future. What or business, we need activities and paragraphs related to the child, and this is what we have done with the program to move it qualitatively.