the Book of Wonders Play advertisement

executive director

The advertisement for the children’s musical (The Book of Wonders) diverse is a purposeful ad that deals with the dilemma of science and ignorance and entrenches the desire to read, is the first of its kind and took a whole year to prepare for it during which they felt the spirit of cooperation and love between the team of actors and technicians

Directed by: Abbas Yousfi
Executive Director: Hamad Al-Nouri
Director of Photography: Khalifa Al-Haddad
Written by: Youssef Al-Hashash
Produced by: Dreamer Media For Artistic and Theatrical Production
Production year: 2011
Starring: Mashari Al-Balam, Malak, Abdul Qadir Al-Hadoud, Issa Dhiab, Shahed, Misk, Badr Al-Shuaib, Afrah, Abdullah al-Seif, Dhari Al-Rashdan, Youssef Al-Hashash. and others