Paths of Loyalty

Assistant Director

a romantic human story, which revolves around the personality of Ibrahim and Hasna, who are very good people who suffer ingratitude and denial of kindness by their family, relatives, and brothers, introducing them to great suffering in their lives

Directed by: Mohamed Al-Kafas, Ahmed Al-Khamis
Written by: Nayef Al-Rashed
Intro vocals: Belqis Fathi
Composer: Fayez Al-Saeed
Graphic music: Walid Al-Hashim
Produced by: Rotana Khalijia
channels: Gulf Rotana, Kuwait TV, and other channels
Production year: 2012
Casting: Asmahan Tawfiq, Fatima Al Hosani, Meshary Al-Balam, Heba Al-Dari, Nayef Al-Rashed, Abdullah Bahman, Rami Al-Abdullah, Nawaf Al-Quraishi, Misk, Zahra Duaij, Abeer Al-Khidr, Ahmed Al-Khamis, Salem Al-Misbah, Shahd, Maryam Hussein, Abrar Sabt, Adel Al-Fraih, Hubed Al-Dari, Bashayer Hussain Fawzia Muhammad, .. and others