no for sadness tears

Director of work

A social drama series about the social relationships between men and women which is highlighted in several images and structures, such as the relationship of the husband and wife, the lover and the beloved, and the relationships between friends and fathers with children. The events of the series revolve around three stories.

Directed by: Mohamed El Kaffas
Written by: Ahmed Al Fardan
channels: Abu Dhabi TV, Qatar TV, mbc1
Produced by: 2013
Casting: Zahra Arafat, Khaled Amin, Saeed Quraish, Fatima Abdel Rahim, Meshary Al-Balam, Amal Al-Awadi, Abdel Mohsen Al-Qaffas, Hussein Al-Mahdi, Abdullah Abdel Aziz, Abeer Ahmed, Ahmed Iraj, Maha Mohamed, Marwa Mohamed. Fahd Bassem, Ahmad Al-Saleh, Ghazi Hussain, Badria Ahmad, Shamaa Muhammad and others