Immortal Imprints


A film that talks about immortal stations in history from the path of the late prince of the State of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, may God rest his soul in peace, including the era of his tenure as the Ministry of Information, the leader of humanitarian work, the presidency of the Department of Publications and Publishing, the establishment of Al-Arabi magazine and Kuwait Today magazine, his role in Preserving the Arab heritage, its role in raising the flag of Kuwait over the United Nations building in 1963, and the necklaces and decorations that he obtained, may God have mercy on him

Directed by: Hamad Al-Nouri
Preparations: Saleh Al-Rahmi, Mansour Al-Fadhli
Audio caption: Youssef Gohar, Ali Al-Haddad
Produced by: Kuwait State TV
channels: Kuwait State TV
Production year: 2020