And the days go on


Executive Director, Supporting Actor

It is a Kuwaiti social drama series that revolves around an ambassador who is preyed upon by cancer and is trying hard to overcome it. Can he achieve this? Will you deal with him with the ambassador’s diplomacy? In addition to shedding light on family relations, the relationship of brothers, the father and his sons, the husband and the wife, as well as there is an economic line that highlights speculation in the stock market. He will present in a smooth manner, the pictures of the series between the State of Kuwait and the Czech Republic

Directed by: Elbaili Ahmed
Story: Dr. Bashir Saleh Al Rashidi
Screenplay and dialogue: Hadeel Al-Murjan
Intro vocals: Ibrahim Al-Hakami
Introduction words: Sheikh Duaij Al-Sabah, Sami Al-Ali
Produced by: Al Salam Media Group
channels: Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Kuwait TV
Production year: 2012
Casting: Ahmad Al-Saleh, Huda Al-Khatib, Abdul-Aziz Al-Haddad, Abeer Ahmad, Maram Al-Balushi, Hussein Al-Mansour, Abdullah Al-Baroni, Huda Salah, Shaima Ali, Meshary Al-Balam, Maram Al-Balushi, Abdullah Al-Baroni, Hoda Salah, Mona Hussein, Abdul-Imam Abdullah, Hamad Al-Thawri, Taj Al-Ali, Abbas Mahdi, Ismail Al-Rashed, Nasser Al-Karmani, Fawzi Al-Qadi, Nasih Al-Fadhli..etc.