Alternative medicine


One of the programs that achieved great public turnout and interaction with great episodes, which are divided into four zones, each of which specializes in a specific medical aspect, such as nutrition and its guests, Dr. Abdullah Al-Mutawa and Dr. Heba bin Salama, who are specialists in the field of food and therapeutic nutrition. The second episode deals with the world of herbs and talks about it with Professor Wafaa Al-Kazemi, and the third one is about sports and is supervised by Captain Ali Nasrallah, martial arts trainer, in addition to the last one which the program hosts in each episode a specialist to know the latest findings of medicine in treating many diseases of this era.

Directed by: Hamad Al-Nouri, Ammar Al-Musawi
Preparations: Fattouh Al-Adwani
Presentation: Wadad Ramadan
Produced by: Kuwait State TV
channels: Kuwait State TV
Production year: 2009